The Intersection of Art and Faith

The intersection of art and faith occupies not only my work hours, but also my weekends, evenings, waking thoughts, and even dreams. Since these delicate crosshairs mark two indispensable continuums of my life’s work and play, I endeavor to pen some musings. My aim is not to persuade so much as to invite others to discover that beauty itself resides at this sacred intersection.

Motivated by the writings and speech of author Makoto Fujimura, the founder of an artist movement he calls “culture care,” I undertake this project on which I have ruminated for many years. Caring for culture is, for the Christian artist, a divine responsibility. We minister through music and the arts to our communities, neighbors, friends, colleagues, and families by acting as agents of collaboration, re-integration of beauty to our surroundings, and positive change. Beauty is a God-given gift to all mankind, exhibited in a million different ways and creative endeavors. Artists are the stewards of beauty–we make choices each day whether to add or withhold beauty from our artistic efforts and creations. Beauty is at the heart of not only great works of art, but also acts of compassion, peace agreements, great sacrifice for the good of others, and physical healing through the medical arts. Strengthening a child’s confidence at a critical moment of frailty is an act of beauty, where faith and art intersect. Pressing onward towards virtue amid difficulty illustrates the beauty of perseverance.

My point here is that we are all artists when we creatively solve problems or offer something good to a neighbor. At the same time we are all ministers when our actions bless the world around us in some way. Embracing this reality, that our planet and societies being leveled by destructive forces can be healed and stabilized by culture care led by artists, I move forward into this exploration of beauty at the intersection of faith and art.


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