Projects and more projects

Jazz concerts, new ventures, recordings, music articles, collaborations… January and February always seem to be the time to plan the “next phase” of projects. I am excited about a concert coming up March first–I will be the first vocalist to ever perform with the Greenville Jazz Collective! This wonderful instrumental ensemble is dedicated to writing and performing new jazz music. As a departure from their norm, we are engaging in a celebration of classic songs from the Great American Songbook programming works by Gershwin, Arlen, Porter, Duke, and Berlin. Our first and only rehearsal hit today–and I already know this performance is going to be a trip! Greenville/Spartanburg folks won’t want to wait to get tickets–this ensemble usually sells out this tiny venue fast (The Coffee Underground), so see and order your tickets today!

I have been meaning to release a pop single for several months now… it is fully mastered and ready to go! I am excited to start the buzz about this one in advance–it is an original country song of mine with acoustic guitar accompaniment provided by the guitar master John Chiodini. I’m working on putting the pieces in place to create some awareness about it before its release, so consider yourself informed! Can a jazz singer do a country song justice? You be the judge… 🙂

I also have some rather exciting collaborations on the horizon which I will only hint at for the moment. They include some potentially active touring and work with some truly outstanding artists… all very exciting stuff which makes me thankful I chose this profession! Or, rather, this profession chose me…

I have re-designed my Tour Archives page on my website, so if you’d like to see where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, that’s a great place to find out! Also, please “Like” my Facebook fan page and/or follow me on Twitter

if you have been to a concert and enjoyed the show! I look forward to seeing you out and about!


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