Musical Ensembles

Performing with a wide variety of ensembles is one of the distinctly enjoyable aspects of this performer’s career. One week I may be fronting a jazz orchestra, while the next I may be playing the piano myself in my own cabaret show in an intimate room. My need for variety and fresh challenges has historically been responsible for my booking certain themed shows before they exist, and then writing the musical arrangements for them out of the necessity of delivering a performance date. Any musician’s thirst for new experiences would show this to be the way many of us operate. Along with the theme of the show, I often invite a concert presenter to choose the size of the ensemble they wish to book, which proffers me a great deal of booking flexibility, while giving the presenter some options.

Next month I have the distinct privilege of serving the U.S. Army Band, “Pershing’s Own,” as their Artist-In-Residence for a few days. During our time together, I will teach a master class and lead an improvisation workshop, and offer two coaching sessions for the Army Voices, a highly select group of professional singers who perform a variety of genres well, including vocal jazz. The highlight of this journey will be sharing a joint concert (date to be rescheduled due to winter storm Stella) with Army Voices and Army Blues (a most outstanding jazz “big band”) as their guest artist. The concert will open at Brucker Hall, Arlington National Cemetery, and include a number of various ensemble configurations. There will be a set of my original pieces which I will sing with a small jazz combo (and I’ll play the piano with the trio on one tune). There will also be a set of pieces during which I will perform with the big band, and another set with the vocal jazz ensemble. This concert mash-up lends itself to the variety I cherish, and is a great honor, because this band and vocal jazz ensemble are among the best in the world!

Another ensemble configuration I absolutely love is the symphony orchestra. I am fortunate to have two symphony shows (holiday pops and jazz pops) which I perform with various symphonies here and there. Conductors and executive directors of American symphonies (or those abroad) are welcome to contact me to discuss dates and programs available. Regardless of the ensemble size or instrumentation, live music itself is paramount and its culturally vital message of beauty and inherent value should never be underestimated. I hope that those of you in the Washington, D.C. area will join us for a fabulous show of the immense talent possessed by our young men and women serving in the U.S. Army Bands!


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