Session Singing

Welcome to another installment of my blog! It seems the months fly by… This past month has been busy–I started it with a wonderful and fun recording session at Red Rock Recording Studios near Stroudsburg, PA with Alfred Music Publishing. I am honored to sing with some of the finest session singers in the country a couple of times a year to update the Alfred choral music catalog offerings. I plan to return for more recording at the end of October. It’s a nice diversion from touring and teaching and gives me a chance to periodically refine my sight-singing skills!

Session singing moves very quickly–for this session we rehearsed each song once through (if that) and then recorded it, and I (along with a few other singers) performed all the women’s parts on separate tracks (first and second soprano and alto). Having several excellent singers with well-developed ranges and sight-singing skills is crucial to make the session run efficiently. Each “take” must be accurate and perfectly reflective of the composer’s notes and rhythms as well as the editor’s dynamics and articulation. Fortunately, this group of singers not only sings phenomenally well, but they are also gems to work with, showing courtesy, kindness, humor and a team-oriented spirit not always found in groups of artists everywhere else… I am honored to be able to work with them and consider our times in the studio together to be highlights of my year!

On another note, my new CD of originals and jazz standards, “Sweet Youth,” featuring John Chiodini on guitar, has been released on the Blujazz label and is available for ordering at For a sneak-preview of the album, please see my newly-updated website,, where you can hear clips from the new album as soon as you arrive at the site. Thank you for your interest and support! I hope you love the new CD… Listen for it on your local jazz radio station, adult standard radio station or XM Satellite Radio and please call in to request a song if you are so inclined! God bless you as you enjoy the end of your summer!


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