Dick Robinson’s “American Standards By the Sea”

I was honored today to receive an email informing me that my CD will be featured over this weekend (June 25-27) on Dick Robinson’s internationally-syndicated radio show, “American Standards By the Sea.” I went to their website today and was delighted to hear a show dedicated to my favorite singer, the late Ella Fitzgerald. Ella was featured with Duke Ellington’s band, in a duet with Stevie Wonder (which took my breath away) and in a number of other settings. She is always so refreshing and restores to me the wonderful state of mind that excellent music has always brought to me…it’s mesmerizing and so very fulfilling to hear that kind of musical and poetic perfection.

Anyhow, I was struck by the reality that I am now one of the torch-bearers for this increasingly-important-to-preserve Great American Songbook. I’m a contemporary musician who has selected this genre in which to grow and develop, both as an artist and a songwriter. I am humbled and thankful to people like Dick Robinson for keeping this music thriving (and it IS thriving!!) and for keeping modern audiences reading about, hearing about and coming to our shows. Thank you, Dick, and thanks to all the Adult Standard and Jazz radio DJs, hosts, Music Directors and fans for your support of this phenomenal music.


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