Artist Residencies

I am thrilled with the relatively recent news that I have been selected by Ithaca College School of Music faculty to be their 2011-12 Robert G. Boehmler Visiting Artist! Each year this faculty selection committee chooses only one outstanding international performing artist to visit the campus and provide a week or so of workshops, clinics, master classes, lectures and concerts for the Ithaca music community. While the details of this artist residency have not yet been finalized, I look forward to providing this performance/teaching package during the first week of October 2011, and I am greatly pleased and humbled to be the recipient of this distinctive honor!

Having previously served as a voice and vocal jazz professor at several universities and colleges, and now a full-time touring/recording artist, I feel particularly qualified for artist residency work. I have loved teaching music since the first day I attempted it. I also have personally experienced the joy and wonder of being a student in the presence of visiting artists who are not only proven outstanding performers, but intuitive and skillful educators as well. This balance is not to be taken lightly, nor is it to be assumed to be possessed by all great performers. I look forward to opportunities to grow as a performer as well as to grow as a master teacher. Sharing my knowledge, skills and experiences with young gifted artists gives me a sense of accomplishment and purpose that performing alone cannot provide. Teaching must be more about investment in the lives of others than anything else… so my objectives in the practice room include both greater mastery of my vocal technique, musicianship and literature and the ability to effectively communicate, demonstrate and exemplify this mastery to others.

I offer Artist Residencies in vocal jazz, classical voice and crossover techniques at schools, universities, conservatories, community outreach concert series events, major performing arts centers and theatres. As mentioned above, these include workshops, clinics, master classes, lectures and concerts in a variety of manifestations. I have worked with choral ensembles and soloists, jazz singers and opera singers, adults and teens, male voices and female voices, singers and instrumentalists. Bringing my art into places in which I can share it while investing in the careers and lives of other artists represents what I feel to be my unique calling. I am blessed to be given these performance and teaching opportunities by various universities and concert venues and I will continue to enjoy investing in future artists!


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