Only a handful of artists today can hold an audience for seventy-five minutes by themselves on a stage. Billy Joel can do it. Ed Sheeran can do it. Tish Oney did that tonight.

Cooperstown Concert Series

Tish Oney was such a joy to share the stage with. She brought exquisite style and impeccable phrasing in her singing of timeless holiday classics. Her star shines brightly on the stage.

Sean O’Loughlin, Principal Pops Conductor, Symphoria

Dr. Tish Oney thrilled the audience in a delightful Memorial Day concert with songs of love, remembrance and America.

Roger Sullivan, USC Upstate News, in reference to Oney’s debut with the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Our audience loved having Tish Oney as a guest artist for last year’s Cabaret and Cocktails concert.

Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra

At Feinstein’s, Dr. Oney…with her crystal clear, smooth, warm voice… put on a truly outstanding show – entertaining, well-structured, well-researched, and extremely well-executed! What more could one ask for? Yes, indeed – a class act all the way around!

Jenna Esposito,

Tish has so much to offer as a performer and clinician. Her experiences as a vocalist, pianist, teacher, composer, arranger, performing group leader, vocal coach, and studio/recording musician make her extremely versatile and able to work with individuals and groups of all sizes and ages. Her voice is amazing, clear, and her expressions while singing are a joy to watch. I look forward to working with Tish again.

Commander Kevin L. Pick, Bandmaster, U.S. Army Jazz Ambassadors

Tish Oney, whose previous CD, Dear Peg, was a tribute to Peggy Lee, on Sweet Youth showcases her delightful voice on a set of duets with guitarist John Chiodini… Her choice of notes and use of space are quite sophisticated. Chiodini, a masterful accompanist and a subtle soloist, has a style that is perfectly complementary and plenty of musical magic takes place between the duo throughout Sweet Youth. This exquisite set rewards repeated listening.

Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

(Sweet Youth is) a vocal jazz album, but one with a nice sort of difference, given that the vocals of Tish Oney are only backed by a bit of acoustic guitar! Yet despite the lack of familiar piano, bass, and drums, Tish has a hell of a swinging sound…one that often leads off a tune without the guitar, and then seems to inspire the instrument to stretch out on its own! She’s a hell of a singer with a great ability to stretch out her lyrics in true jazz-based ways, really inflecting things yet never going too far over the top, and making for a nice mix with guitarist John Chiodini on the record. Titles include a few nice originals: “Year Round Blues”, “Sweet Youth”, “Lonely Evening”, and “Ask Seek Knock” plus versions of “Alice In Wonderland”, “September In The Rain”, and “Tis Autumn”.

Dusty Groove America

I had the chance and privilege to work with Tish a few months back. Her artistry is extremely sharp, from perfect vocal chops to great story telling, not to mention a very well tailored show. Precise, accurate and captivating, Tish will take you on a delightful journey… Do yourself a favor, don’t (just) go see her show, RUN!

Jean-Pierre Perreaux, Technical Director, The Metropolitan Room, New York, NY

I appeared with Tish Oney in Las Vegas at the Dennis Bono show. The house was packed and she was working on her Peggy Lee Project at the time. As a professional singer for over 25 years I can say that Tish is one of the finest and smoothest vocalists I have ever heard. The variety and complexity of the songs she performed were great…. not only that, she brought down the house! When you need a pro, call Tish Oney.

Larry G Jones, Comic Singing Impressionist celebrating over 2,000 Las Vegas shows

Dr. Tish Oney is one of the finest arrangers and composers on the jazz music scene today and her vocals are breathtakingly beautiful.

Joe Montague, Riveting Riffs Magazine

By the end of her first tune it was evident that Oney had a beautiful voice, warm and low. . . She sang perfectly in tune with amazing breath control, and her time (meter) was impeccable, and most of all, phrased with complete respect to the lyric. . .I had the realization that I was listening to a true jazz singer doing a beautifully presented themed show, such as you might hear at a fine NYC jazz cabaret such as Michael Feinstein’s by singers like Ann Hampton Callaway, Jane Monheit, or the late Blossom Dearie. I also recall that only once before, attending one of Cleo Laine’s Las Vegas appearances, I said every singer in town ought to be here, for this is a singing lesson, as well as great performance and entertainment. I now can say the same thing of Tish Oney. ‘Happy With the Blues,’ a fast and challenging opus was done as a dialogue between voice and bass without piano. It was a tour de force of vocal prowess, high risk for anyone without superb pitch and infallible rhythm. ‘Lullaby of Birdland’ bubbled with Tish’s amazing ability as a scat singer, utilizing refreshingly new scat words and sounds. After performing her final selection, ‘I Love Being Here With You,’ it was more than evident that the audience loved being there with Tish and company.

Frank Leone, Editor, Jazz Notes! The Newsletter of the Las Vegas Jazz Society and President, Las Vegas Musician’s Union

When Tish Oney sings, the sweetness of her soul blooms like a pungent, colorful, beautiful orchid. Add that she is arranging and re-interpreting the repertoire of singer/songwriter Peggy Lee, is accompanied by Lee’s former music director, guitarist John Chiodini, assisted by former Lee soloists trombonist Bill Watrous and vibraphonist Bob Leatherbarrow, endorsed by Lee’s granddaughter, and you have the makings of a perfect win-win situation. Oney has a truly pitch-perfect voice, wonderful phrasings, and enough swing or scat to own her personal page in the legitimate jazz singer’s ledger. Seriously–this woman and her team not only do these songs justice, but can easily elevate them to an area that will thoroughly please Lee’s fans, and turn a new generation on to them. Tish Oney does Lee and her songs prouder than anyone in contemporary times, and should give more famous singers like Diana Krall, Dianne Reeves, or Jane Monheit pause for concern. She’s firmly on their trail.

Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

Tish Oney really delivers the lyric! Her senses of swing and phrasing along with her effortless tone and vocal finesse draw listeners at all levels of musical sophistication into the story she tells. Tish not only carries the torch for all the great ladies in jazz, but keeps the genre alive and current.

James D’Arrigo, Producer/Performer, Las Vegas

It is a treat to listen to a singer who is poised, relaxed, and who imparts a feeling of unhurried elegance. Oney’s diction is so precise that the listener has no trouble hearing all of Lee’s clever lyrics. (She) is able to mirror Peggy Lee’s sophistication without slavishly copying it. Oney’s excellent skills as a producer and arranger are noticeable on Dear Peg, as the songs flow effortlessly and the arrangements feel natural and appropriate. There is no doubt that Dear Peg will introduce a new audience to the fine songs that Peggy Lee penned throughout her long and celebrated career. Dear Peg also marks the arrival of Tish Oney, a welcome addition to the jazz scene.

Steve Gedrose, Riveting Riffs magazine

Tish Oney is an impressive singer with a subtle style within the jazz mainstream. Oney digs deep into the songs and shows that she is one of the more rewarding jazz singers currently based in the Los Angeles area. Highly recommended.

Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene

A voice like Tish Oney ‘s is a prime example of what other jazz singers strive for. Pitch perfect. Crystal clear. . . and all encompassing. Her innate understanding of the art (both emotionally and intellectually) not only reels you in willingly and begging for more, but creates a memory that lingers on far after she leaves the stage.

Michael Sterling, Producer, Sterling ‘s Upstairs at Vitello ‘s, Los Angeles

The lovely Dr. Oney serenaded the enthusiastic crowd with medleys of songs by Porter, Van Heusen, Gershwin, and Kern, among others. Her bell-clear voice was the perfect instrument . . . Oney is also a songwriter herself. Her composition without lyrics ‘Waltz For Ellie’ showcased her talents as a scat singer, while her ‘You Make Me Think I ‘m In Love’ could easily find itself in The Great American Songbook one day.

Steven Stanley,

Miss Oney was absolutely a treat. A voice reminiscent of Doris Day and others from the bygone Jazz era, she delighted everyone in the mostly packed club with hits from the Great American Songbook. There did not seem to be any style she was not comfortable with. . . she is certainly ready to take LA and make it her own. Keep your eyes open and your schedules clear for any future dates with this beautiful lady with a voice of gold!

An amazing voice.

Gary Morgan, CBS Radio Los Angeles

Tish Oney, as a purist vocalist, combines a formal background with a jazz style that oozes with phrasing and execution but still is delivered with ease. In our club environment, this is called perfection.

Bob Masteller, Owner and Jazz Musician, The Jazz Corner, Hilton Head Island, SC

A brilliant vocalist.

Frank Malfitano, Executive Producer, Syracuse Jazzfest and Detroit Jazz Festival

Tish has a calm and cool style that conveys understanding while her vocals resonate with emotion. Tish sings from the heart.

John Chiodini, Former Musical Director for Peggy Lee, Guitarist and Composer

Tish Oney swings with the best of them, while always remaining willing to explore the musical ‘road less traveled’

Ray Brinker, jazz drummer

The best voice I’ve heard since Doris Day.

Les Brown

Oney, a SAMMY nominee for Best Jazz Vocalist, has delighted audiences from Hawaii to Rome with her swinging scat and soulful ballads. She’s the consummate jazz artist, with vocal technique and improv skill to spare.

Kate Stevenson, The Syracuse New Times

The future of this music is in very good hands.

Phil Ramone, producer

(Tish Oney performed) “an intimate and classic evening of jazz/cabaret that filled my heart with nostalgia. Ms. Oney’s crystal clear vocals, and the soft yet extremely intricate accompaniment of her truly talented musicians, gave the evening a charm and quality rarely seen today. The three performed as one– simple and eloquent. As they say, less is more. This show was “the most.”

Stu Hamstra, editor, Cabaret Hotline Online


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