The Best Part (2019)

Label: BluJazz

  1. Most Of All – I Love You
  2. Dust Off Your Dreams
  3. I’ve Got a Brand New Baby
  4. Grab a Little Bit of Golden Sunshine
  5. Sweet Angel
  6. One More Spring
  7. Conundrum
  8. I’ve Been Too Lonely For Too Long

Vocals: Tish Oney
Guitar: John Chiodini
Bass: Chuck Berghofer
Drums: Ray Brinker
Produced by Tish Oney

Songs From The Heart (2015)

Label: DTG Productions

  1. Follow Me
  2. Be Still and Know
  3. A Blessing
  4. Ask, Seek, Knock
  5. Follow Me (alternate version)

Vocals: Tish Oney
Guitars: John Chiodini
Produced by Tish Oney

Sweet Youth (2011)

Label: BluJazz

  1. ‘Tis Autumn
  2. September in the Rain
  3. Year Round Blues
  4. Sweet Youth
  5. Hidden Soul
  6. Alice in Wonderland
  7. I Want You
  8. Autumn Nocturne
  9. Waltz for Ellie
  10. In The Back Of My Mind
  11. Lonely Evening
  12. It Might As Well Be Spring
  13. Ask, Seek, Knock

Vocals: Tish Oney
Guitars: John Chiodini
Produced by Tish Oney

Dear Peg (2008)

Label: Rhombus Records

  1. It’s a Good Day
  2. It Must Be So
  3. He’s a Tramp
  4. Where Can I Go Without You?
  5. I Don’t Know Enough About You
  6. There’ll Be Another Spring
  7. I’m Gonna Go Fishin’
  8. Burn It Slow
  9. Over The Wheel
  10. Circle In The Sky
  11. Happy With The Blues
  12. Boomerang
  13. The Shining Sea
  14. I Love Being Here With You

Vocals: Tish Oney
Guitars: John Chiodini
Bass: Joel Hamilton
Drums: Kendall Kay
Trombone: Bill Watrous
Vibes: Bob Leatherbarrow
Produced by Tish Oney
and John Chiodini

Forever Friend (2004)

Label: Rhombus Records

  1. Mean To Me
  2. A Blue Goodbye
  3. You Make Me Think I’m In Love
  4. Peace
  5. Summertime
  6. Angel Eyes
  7. Secret Love
  8. Forever Friend
  9. For Sentimental Reasons

Vocals: Tish Oney
Guitar: Steve Brown
Bass: Miles Brown
Piano: Dino Losito
Drums: James Johns
Alto Sax: Joe Riposo


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