The Singer’s Muse

What inspires singers? Toward whom does a singer glance when searching for musical ideas? Where do singers travel to fill their wells with creativity? When do singers reach for outside inspiration and why do they turn where they turn? I am delighted to investigate some of these direct and rhetorical questions in a new podcast I will host on WGJC radio called “The Singer’s Muse.”

Singers from all genres and styles will be invited to contribute their thoughts as podcast guests. As we share our journeys, stories, and experiences, we will learn from one another and hold each other up at a time when singing in public requires considerable modification or postponement. Whether hailing from the opera house, jazz festival, Broadway stage, church choir, baroque ensemble, or pop music scene, singers from all walks of life and masters of many different styles of music will provide thought-provoking dialogue and encouragement for our fellow musicians yearning to heal the world with their gifts, talents, art, and generosity.

My first episode of this monthly podcast series will air in early November on WGJC internet radio, and will be broadcast several times that month. The inaugural episode will introduce the premise of the podcast, a 110-year-old poem by the same name, and your podcast host.

I sincerely hope that you will join me for an eclectic series of conversations about music, life, art, poetry, creativity, success, failure, beauty, singing, hope, and inspiration. I look forward to sharing this artistic journey with you!


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