Music to Accompany Summer Travels

Wow! The summer has flown by! I was shocked today when I stepped into my blogworld and realized I had not posted anything for over two months. I have been busy, it’s true… May was enveloped by my symphony pops performance with the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra on Memorial Day followed by a nostalgic trip north to my high school alma mater to accept an award as a Graduate of Distinction… Next, I headed to Palm Desert, California for my solo piano/vocal concert, Divas and Masters of Jazz, at the Alfred Newman Theatre at the Joslyn Center, after which I drove to L.A. for a week of recording my EP with the great guitarist John Chiodini. We recorded two original songs which will be released soon… I jumped into my awesome photographer’s studio for an afternoon of fun, posing for new head shots, promo pics and album art… and headed back home. In the meantime, I stayed with three sets of California friends and had a grand time visiting, sharing music and catching up on their news!

Vacationing came next, as business travel taxes the body, brain and voice… Hilton Head was beautiful in June, and even after sneaking in during the second set, I still was asked by the management to sit in with the band at the illustrious Jazz Corner… of course I was pleased to do so! It’s always a pleasure to perform at a Top 50 jazz club in the world, and to be asked to sing upon my entrance each time I visit is a sweet reminder that I am family there… The audience response is always overwhelming, as they do not expect a guest singer who just walked in to amount to much… weren’t they pleasantly surprised when the band and I took “Misty” and “Centerpiece” down roads they perhaps had not yet been…

A trip to Portland followed, where R&R included climbing the highest mountain in the northwestern Oregon coastal range… After that, I spent three weeks teaching jazz camp in Greenville, SC and supervising a college internship… Needless to say, the summer was eventful and energy-depleting! What is on the docket for the next season? That will have to wait until my next blog, which I promise will post sooner rather than later.


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