Divas and Masters of Jazz

This photograph was taken on the evening I opened my newest show in my collection of touring shows: “Divas and Masters of Jazz!” Spring Island, SC was an ideal spot for this show opening, as my friends and fans there deeply appreciated this tribute performance honoring jazz voices of days gone by… Ella, Sarah, Billie, Bing, Frank, Peggy, Margaret, Dinah, Chet, Mel and Judy were all represented and warmly remembered. What an honor to be able to share their great music with new audiences! So often I am touched to hear “I never knew (s)/he sang that song… but I love it!” from folks of all ages, backgrounds and musical preferences. It seems that the Great American Songbook, once again, proves to be universally accessible to those willing to open their ears and listen. I am greatly looking forward to sharing this new piano/vocal solo show throughout the country, so please keep those concert requests coming! Once again, thank you for your support of live jazz, cabaret and the Great American Songbook, and I hope to see you at a concert very soon! 🙂


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