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What people are saying about Tish's live shows:
"I had the chance and privilege to work with Tish on her Peggy Lee Project few months back. Her knowledge on the technical aspect of a show in general is exceptional, making the process really easy. It's SO refreshing as a technician to work with such a talented and knowledgeable artist as Tish. Her artistry is extremely sharp, from perfect vocal chops to great story telling, not to mention a very well tailored show. Precise, accurate and captivating, Tish will take you on a delightful journey. I highly recommend Tish Oney--public, do yourself a favor, don't (just) go see her show, RUN!
Jean-Pierre Perreaux, Technical Director
The Metropolitan Room, New York, NY

"Terrific Firehouse show... Referring to the recent show at The Firehouse Stage, "Tish Oney Sings the Peggy Lee Songbook," ya shoulda been there! She is a talented, clear-as-a-bell vocalist, and if you had your eyes closed, you felt in concert with Peggy Lee herself. A bonus was accompanying guitarist John Chiodini, who toured, wrote and recorded with the late Peggy Lee. Golden touches all the way around with cool guitar and Oney's quality voice. An audience enraptured. Not only were favorite hits a nostalgic trip back in time, but original songs from The Songbook introduced recordings few of us had ever heard. Stories and anecdotes shared by both Oney and Chiodini gave insight to a career and life that was prolific and successful."
Pokey Crocker
Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin

"Tish Oney in the Peggy Lee Project was everything and more than we had hoped for. The feedback from the audience was uniformly positive with specific comments focused on the beauty and clarity of Miss Oney's voice, the joy in hearing lesser known Peggy Lee tunes, and their overall enjoyment of the entire presentation. We would definitely consider booking Tish Oney again."
Betsy Armistead, Director
Prairie Center for the Arts, Schaumburg, IL

"Tish Oney's Peggy Lee Project was a beautiful look into the artistic life and creativity of one of America's iconic popular singers. Tish Oney is an accomplished musician and music scholar...arranging all the material lovingly and bringing a new spotlight onto this amazing artist. Oney is a fine, expressive and very polished singer and performer, and her performance was very entertaining."
Joyce Glasgow
Seattle Gay News

"Poised and confident, Tish Oney (also referred to as Dr. Oney) brightened the Metropolitan Room stage, pretty in red, to celebrate the songwriting talents of Peggy Lee. Ms. Oney had an immediate effect on her audience displaying clarity and directness opening with "It's A Good Day". Oney pays strict attention to phrasing and a lyric, creating a warm and sweet vocal on the yearning "The Shining Sea" and a sexiness on never released "Brand New Baby" (music by John Chiodini, Lee's former music director). She is understated in her approach, producing an effortless jazz style. Frequently scatting midstream on many of the tunes, Oney is pitch perfect and the picture of finesse especially on Peggy Lee poem "Burn It Slow," which Oney set to music in a bossa nova rhythm."
Sandi Durell
Cabaret Scenes

"By the end of her first tune it was evident that Oney had a beautiful voice, warm and low. . . She sang perfectly in tune with amazing breath control, and her time (meter) was impeccable, and most of all, phrased with complete respect to the lyric. . .I had the realization that I was listening to a true jazz singer doing a beautifully presented themed show, such as you might hear at a fine NYC jazz cabaret such as Michael Feinstein's (by) singers like Ann Hampton Callaway, Jane Monheit, or the late Blossom Dearie. I also recall that only once before, attending one of Cleo Laine's Las Vegas appearances, I said every singer in town ought to be here, for this is a singing lesson as well as great performance and entertainment. I now can say the same thing of Tish Oney. "Happy With the Blues," a fast and challenging opus was a tour de force of vocal prowess, high risk for anyone without superb pitch and infallible rhythm. "Lullaby of Birdland" bubbled with Tish's amazing ability as a scat singer, utilizing refreshingly new scat words and sounds. After performing her final selection, "I Love Being Here With You," it was more than evident that the audience loved being there with Tish and company."
Frank Leone, Editor
Jazz Notes! The Newsletter of the Las Vegas Jazz Society
President, Las Vegas Musician's Union

"From the very first moments of our first rehearsal, I knew that Tish Oney understood the subtlety, the nuance, the central 'less is more' attitude that is quintessentially Peggy Lee. In her performance of a song, like Ms. Lee, she suggests and insinuates more than interprets. She has a calm and cool style that conveys understanding while her vocals resonate with emotion. Tish sings from the heart."
John Chiodini
Former Music Director for Peggy Lee
Guitarist and Composer

"Tish Oney's Peggy Lee Project was a thoughtful, well-crafted and beautifully performed look at the music and artistry of Peggy Lee. From the carefully chosen songs to the insightful analysis of Peggy's writing, the evening was completely enjoyable. With an alluring subtlety, Tish brings these songs to life and puts her own spin on them, while also doing an excellent job of highlighting the musical brilliance of Peggy Lee."
Holly Foster-Wells
Vice President
Peggy Lee Associates, LLC
Granddaughter of Peggy Lee

"I am happy to recommend (The Peggy Lee Project) to colleagues and help create a 'buzz' because the show offered our audiences a unique insight into a legendary artist. The combination of (Tish's) vocals and (John's) personal knowledge of Peggy Lee and her creative process was perfect. It was not just a tribute--it was much more like listening to a musical biography that shared (Peggy Lee's) amazing creative process."
Daniel Y. Mayer
Executive Director
Kirkland Performance Center

"Dr. Tish Oney has developed a wonderful tribute to Peggy Lee. This is not a mere imitation of Peggy Lee, but an artistic offering that allows Dr. Oney's talents to shine. The entire presentation is thoughtful and well organized. More important, it is very entertaining!"
Ron McCurdy, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor of Jazz Studies
University of Southern California
Artistic Director
The Langston Hughes Project: Ask Your Mama-Twelve Moods for Jazz

"Oney's Peggy Lee Project creates a new genre in jazz performance--perhaps we could call it 'jazz edutainment.' Audience members, including myself, were given an insight into an artist's life and work in an exciting, entertaining and musically rewarding manner. Five Stars!"
Paul Lines, Founder
Pasadena Jazz Institute